Annual Certification Requirements

• SCAN’s Tier 1 Training Requirement: Complete AHIP’s comprehensive online training.

Training curriculum includes modules on Medicare Marketing and Fraud, Waste and Abuse segment. Completing this training also satisfies the CMS requirement for General Compliance training. Note: agents are encouraged to access and complete the training using SCAN’s training portal. The fee for the AHIP certification through SCAN is $125 and payment is made through the portal.

• SCAN’s Tier 2 Training Requirement: Watch SCAN’s online training video and attest that you have read and understand our Code of Conduct & Policies and Procedures.

When your AHIP training is complete and you have passed the test, SCAN’s online “Selling with Integrity” training will “unlock”. View the 30 minute video – and additionally, you will be asked to “attest” to the fact that you have reviewed SCAN’s Policies & Procedures and Code of Conduct.

• SCAN’s Tier 3 Training Requirement: It’s Virtual and It’s Fun!

Complete your Tier 2 training and you’ll gain access to our Tier 3 benefit training video! Click the link, view the ENTIRE video, take the test, score a minimum of 85% and you’ve completed your certification requirements.

Training Resources