Marketing Materials

Where to get SCAN Sales Materials

There are three ways to get SCAN materials for benefit plans:

1. Contact your Agency for available SCAN materials. A supply of materials should be available on site.
2. Log into the Marketing Portal
3. Contact your Local SCAN Regional Office 

Long Beach - Corporate Office
3800 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 100 Long Beach, 90806
Contact: Sales Support Team - (888) 445-2038

Glendale - Regional Office
450 N. Brand Blvd. Suite 600 Glendale, 91203
Contact: Ana Martic - (562) 989-5100 ext. 4902

Corona - Regional Office
555 Queensland Cir., Suite 101 Corona, 92879
Contact: Serena Sanchez - (562) 989-8387

San Diego - Regional Office
9655 Granite Ridge Drive , Suite 200 San Diego, 92123
Contact: Paula Villasenor - (562) 308-5812

Northern California - Regional Office
1255 Treat Blvd. Suite 300, Walnut Creek, 94597
Contact: Sales Support - (888) 445-2038

How to order SCAN Materials Online

When ordering online:
1. Log into the Marketing Portal
2. Select the county, materials, and language you wish to order
3. View your basket, review your shipping information and place your order.

An email confirmation will be sent after your order is placed. A UPS tracking number will be sent once your order is shipped.

SCAN Sales Material Quantity Limits (per 30 day period) for Individual Agents
Plan Benefit Highlights - 200
Sales Kit Enrollment Books - 50
Provider Directories - 30
Plan Brochures - 300
Event & Non-Event Flyers - 1000

Broker Submission of Marketing Materials

As you know:

Marketing materials are highly regulated -- and the regulations always seem to be changing. We are here to help you!

The current regulations require materials that contain health plan information, including logos, specific product benefits, and/or sales events be submitted to CMS for approval.

Materials that promote only the general products that you or your agents sell without indicating specific plan names, such as Medicare Supplement and/or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, do not need to be submitted to CMS.

Have your Agency send your materials to:

Email us and we will respond within 2 business days for pieces that only require approval from SCAN.

If the material needs to be submitted to CMS, the CMS approval time can be between 5 and 45 days, depending on the information included in your marketing material. Until you receive an e-mail from SCAN that contains an approval code, the material cannot be distributed.

Until you receive an e-mail from SCAN with our approval the material cannot be used or distributed.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Storefront

Why can’t I access the storefront?

As a new agent, it typically takes 2-4 days to gain Storefront access once you’ve become certified to sell SCAN. Note: make sure you are using the same email address you used to register with SCAN.

How can I update or change my personal information (name, mailing address, or phone)?

To update your personal information, click the “Edit Profile” icon on the upper right corner of the page. Or, contact the SCAN Sales Support Team. It may take 1 to 2 business days to be corrected in the system.

Can I add more than one phone number or my photo to materials/flyers?

Only a single phone number and a single photo are allowed.

Sales Event Submissions

Submission Process for Formal and Informal Sales Events

Work directly with your agency’s designated coordinator. They are responsible for processing all Event Submission requests from contracted agents. They will:

SCAN’s Sales Event Coordinator will respond within two business days of receipt of the request. If accepted, an approval confirmation email will be sent. If rejected, your agency will be asked to make corrections and resubmit.

Wait for SCAN’s approval before marketing or conducting your sales event.

Note: Agents cannot submit sales events directly on their own and must be contracted with SCAN.

For additional Guidance click here

Modify or cancel a submission

In the event that you need to modify or cancel a scheduled sales event, notify your agency coordinator immediately.

  • ANY advertised event or events canceled less than 48 hrs. in advance, must have an agency representative at original event location.
  • If canceled more than 48 hrs. in advance, notify beneficiaries of cancellation by same means used to advertise event. A representative is not required to be present.

SCAN’s Sales Event Coordinator will send an email confirmation of the cancellation/modification to your agency coordinator.