Sales Enrollment Presentation With a Perk!

Conduct A Virtual SCAN Sales Enrollment Presentation – And Your Prospect Receives A $15 CVS Gift Card!

We’ve provided you with an electronic CMS approved 2021 SCAN Sales Enrollment Presentation that you’ll deliver VIRTUALLY. When you’re done, the prospect(s) receives an electronic $15 CVS Pharmacy® Gift Card as a “Thank You for Attending” 

Click here to download a copy of the SCAN Sales Enrollment Presentation for the county you’ll be presenting. 

Use this virtual presentation in any format you choose!
Use your preferred delivery method (ZOOM, FaceTime etc.) and get your prospect(s) to join in. 
Get Creative! – Email it to a prospective member and discuss it one page at a time over the phone

Once your presentation has concluded click the “Order Gift Card” link and enter the requested information for both you and your prospect(s).

The prospect(s) will be rewarded with a $15 CVS Pharmacy® Gift Card emailed from SCAN Sales Department within 48 hours of your submission.

Presenting SCAN has NEVER been so simple or so rewarding!

“Sales Enrollment Presentation with a Perk” is for 2021 AEP and runs from 10/1/2020 thru 12/7/2020.


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